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Our France Workshops (Ages 6-10):

February 8th, 15th, 29th 2012

March 7th, 14th 2012

W: 3:30-5:30pm

Tuition: $10 per workshop


Ages 6-11
Instructor: Martine Bamford

Let’s get our passport ready to spend a few weeks in France, discovering the Art, listening to accordion, making or tasting French food, using our imagination to produce small skits. We also will explore fashion, parfume, and finish our trip with a little Art show for the parents, with created skits. With the older children we will also explore the world of “The Little Prince.”

Art: Mona Lisa smile painting! Why is she smiling? | Food: pain perdu (French Toast) | Play: Guignol puppets

Art: Monet painting | Food: truffles | Play: mimes | Make our own parfume

Art: Georges Seurat, pointillism painting | Food: crepes | Play: “If you were the Eiffel tower, where would you choose to live?” | Make a 3-D Eiffel tower, paint it with your own palette.

Art: Van Gogh, flowers, fashion show paper doll | Food: croissants, nutella | Play: “The Red Balloon” book

Art: cubism with Cezanne, geometric shapes explorations, make your own chateau, castle with sugar cubes | Food: French bread with pate, pickles lunch | Play: review puppets, red balloon, Mona Lisa idea, Art show and skits for the parents

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